Image of teacherThe Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, offered in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, provides students with a unique opportunity to learn and work within two of the nation’s premier health care centers.

Our graduate program provides an in-depth knowledge of key analytical concepts for applications of informatics and biomedical data science, ranging from molecules to individuals to populations. We train students to design and implement quantitative and computational methods that solve challenging problems across the entire spectrum of biology and medicine.

PhD Program

image of student asking questionThe PhD program provides students with unparalleled training in the field of biomedical informatics. We offer rigorous coursework combined with applied learning and faculty mentorship, preparing individuals for academic, professional, and research careers in this rapidly growing field.

During the first year of study, all PhD students follow a core curriculum that includes coursework in bioinformatics, medical informatics, database management, data science, and functional genomics.

Mentored research rotations within the first year introduce students to research laboratories, faculty mentors and scientific methods. Students also attend seminars by local and invited experts.

By the beginning of the second year, students identify a faculty mentor and laboratory in which they will complete their dissertation research.

Graduate Certificate

image of student at computerThe Graduate Certificate option, open to graduate students as well as clinicians and professionals, features coursework and hands-on training opportunities similar to the PhD program, but without the 4-5 year commitment. The curriculum consists of a seminar, four core courses, and two electives.

The curriculum focuses on current problems in biomedicine and design/implementation of clinical informatics systems. This program enables training of clinicians and health professionals interested in the integration of clinical and analytical systems with clinical practice and research

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