A new video series featuring Cincinnati Children’s researchers explores how three of the world’s top children’s hospitals are working together on genomic research projects to understand the complexity of DNA. Peter S. White, PhD, and Anil Goud Jegga, DVM of the Division of Biomedical Informatics are among those featured in the video.

Human beings are complex, and so is the human genome. DNA’s four key building blocks—A, C, T and G—are found in every cell. With 3 billion of these letters in each of our bodies, that adds up to a lot of data.

“The most challenging data right now, in terms of its size, is genomic data,” White says in the video. “You hear of methods like machine learning and artificial intelligence. The new buzzword now is deep learning. These are all computer science techniques that can look at different types of data and find patterns and associations that make sense. We’re kind of reducing the complexity of the problem.”

Jegga adds, “The data that is generated is so huge, it’s difficult for any individual group to keep up-to-date.” 

Understanding the power of partnership, Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Cincinnati Children’s have created the Genomics Research and Innovation Network. The three hospitals are sharing genetic data sets to help drive new discoveries in genomic medicine. 

“We’ve gotten researchers across these different places to start working with each other, and they’re sharing data in ways we’ve never really seen before,” White says. “Our vision: Can we share all the data that we have across thousands of rare disorders that we see?” 

Watch the full video series here

Video Spotlights Role of Informatics in Genomic Research